EveningStar Kennels – Golden Retriever breeder in California. Puppies for sale in EveningStar

About EveningStar Kennels

EveningStar Kennels was established in 1983 by Victor and Gaila Brickus. They have over 30-years experiences in breeding, showing and training their wonderful Golden Retrievers. As breeders, they strive to produce healthy, intelligent puppies with excellent temperaments that will make a loving addition to your family.

EveningStar Kennels - Golden Retriever breeder in Aguanga, California

Their Goldens are among the healthiest and the most well-socialized puppies you will find in Southern California. All of EveningStar Golden Retrievers descend from National and International Champions with several generations of health clearances.

Cabernet Standard Poodles – Breeder in California. Poodle puppies for sale in Cabernet

About Cabernet Standard Poodles kennel

Mary and Scott Olund have been working with Standard Poodles in California since 1982. Calvin, their first poodle was acquired from a breeder that they met at an AKC show. When Calvin was two years old, Mary and Scott bred their second Standard Poodle named Brie. That is when they decided to become a breeder and established Cabernet Standard Poodles.

Cabernet Standard Poodles kennel, California. Poodle puppies for sale

Scott and Mary have served on The Poodle Club of America’s Board of Director. Scott was an AKC delegate while Mary is one of two PCA members who are responsible for breeder referral at the national level.

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